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The Pretreatment Unit has been designed to improve and stabilize the quality of inflowing water as a first step before passing to the main dosing and pumping unit, such as water with high levels of bicarbonates (hard water) that needs a previous pH control. This unit provides a huge advantage as the reaction of the acid with the water takes place in the open tank (atmospheric tank) releasing the generated CO2. As a result, we have a very stable pH level before adding fertilizers to the water. It is also a good solution in conjunction with the above to control the COD and BOD of the water before it enters the pipes and drippers avoiding Diseases and Biofilm in the water piping system.

For more information download the professional datasheet.

PRE BK.png
PRETREATMENT 18012024.png



  • P01 - 180 m3/h (Pretreatment)
  • P02 - 180 m3/h (Pretreatment)



  • 3 dosing channels



  • 100 % operational redundancy.
  • Individual dosing channel control and programming.
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